Stephen Codrington has written two cutting-edge books to support school boards and executive leaders in their roles of governance and management.

Both books focus specifically on schools and their distinctive challenges. They draw upon Stephen’s extensive experience over many decades as both School Principal and Board Chair in several countries, as well as his current work supporting many school boards and leaders across the world in areas such as strategic planning, performance reviews, policy development, change management, crisis response, workshops on ‘best practice’, etc.

Optimal School Governance book cover

This handbook provides school boards and school leaders with a comprehensive manual of best practice in the area of governance.

It can be used to amplify workshops conducted by Stephen Codrington, or as a board orientation manual in its own right.

Unlike other books on governance, this book focuses entirely on the distinctive nature of school boards and school leadership.

INSIGHTS into school leadership and board governance cover

For several years, Stephen Codrington has periodically published online articles on school leadership and governance to support school leaders in their important work.

At the request of many subscribers, this book brings together an edited selection of 72 of these articles to make them available to an even wider audience of educators in an easily accessible format.