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How long is it since your board members have received expert training in their distinctive roles as school governors?

OPTIMAL SCHOOL GOVERNANCE offers an extensive range of workshop sessions that can be tailored to the specific individual, distinctive needs and characteristics of each school board.

Workshops can provide orientation for new board members, regular training for trustees of highly effective boards to fine-tune and ensure continuing ‘best practice’, and help can also be provided to support boards that are functioning sub-optimally, and even boards that are in crisis.

Among the popular (and often necessary) topics for workshops with school boards and heads are the following:

  • Board leadership
  • Governance vs Management
  • Managing risk
  • Directing and managing change
  • Dysfunctional boards
  • Healthy boards
  • Staying focussed in a crisis
  • Preparing for a future that embraces disruptive change
  • The Board-Head relationship
  • Board composition and succession
  • Board meetings and dynamics
  • Board policies
  • Board engagement with the faculty, staff, alumni, parents and the community
  • Ethos (the mission, school policies, environmental sustainability) 
  • Strategic thinking and visioning
  • Board duties (legal compliance, finances and resources, risk management, reputation) 
  • Oversight of the school (engagement, program oversight, demographics) 
  • Truth
  • Ethics 
  • Perspectives on Christian leadership
  • Evaluating the board 
  • Evaluating trustees’ performance

Our workshops consistently receive high ratings and positive feedback.  For details of feedback we receive from school boards, click HERE.

Do you want to ensure that your school board is operating with long-term health, stability and effectiveness?

NESA approved training provider logo New South Wales Education Standards Authority

Schools in New South Wales:

Optimal School Governance is a NESA approved and accredited training provider of courses relating to proper governance in non-government schools.  Read about our NESA courses HERE.

Are you certain that your board is functioning optimally to enhance the school’s mission, vision and strategic direction?

Council of International Schools affiliated consultant

Optimal School Governance is a Council of International Schools affiliated consultant in the areas of Leadership Training and School Governance, Appraisal and Professional Development, and Strategic Planning.

We offer:

  • Workshops and programs to enhance board effectiveness
  • Support for managing strategic and/or operational change effectively
  • Diagnostic tools for board self-evaluations and external board evaluations
  • Simple diagnostic tools for annual trustee evaluations
  • Performance appraisals for Heads and Senior Executive staff
  • Support to address specific issues such as dysfunctional teamwork, lack of trust and conflict
  • Assistance with improving board-head relations
  • Support for board restructuring
  • Orientation workshops for new board members
  • Mentoring and tailored support for boards and school leaders

Presentation or Masterclass to a board, faculty or staff:

Typically 1 to 2 hours, this is a standalone single-topic presentation with questions and discussion, either on a standard topic or a school-specific topic that has been identified by the board or school.

Governance Workshops:

Depending on the depth of analysis and extent of discussion required, these can be organised as half-day, full-day, two-day or week-long courses.  Workshops cover a range of governance-related topics selected from the list (above) or as specified by the school or board.

Full Effective Governance Review:

Depending upon the depth and range of issues involved, this is usually a flexible 3 to 5 day process involving onsite visits and a formal questionnaire for board members and stakeholders.

Ongoing Governance Support:

An annual critical friendship, including monthly and ad hoc consultations, up to four campus visits per year (each of which may be up to two days), incorporating any or all of the above plus coaching for trustees and/or senior staff.