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The School Governance and Leadership specialist

Unlike other organisations that provide advice in the area of leadership and governance, OPTIMAL SCHOOL GOVERNANCE has a singular focus on schools. 

Our President has extensive experience as a consultant and critical friend to schools, having served as Principal, Board Chair and evaluator of boards in many countries.

We offer an extensive range of tailored workshop sessions meet the individual and distinctive characteristics of any school, conducted in-person anywhere in the world.  

Our sole focus is enhancing school leadership and board effectiveness

Our comprehensive 208-page handbook addresses the key challenges faced by school boards and leaders, covering all facets of effective governance in a clear, easily accessible style. And we also have a new readable collection of 72 Insights into school leadership

Strategic Planning

Governance training

Board Performance Reviews

Middle and Senior Appraisals

Critical Friendship Mentoring

Head Recruitment

Leadership Coaching

Values-based Assessment

Crisis Management

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SMART – the SCHOOLS MISSION APPRAISAL REPORTING TOOL – is our original ground-breaking assessment tool that evaluates how well a school is achieving its identity hallmarks – its unique mission, vision and values.

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