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This handbook provides school boards and school leaders with a comprehensive manual of best practice in the area of governance.

It can be used to amplify workshops conducted by Stephen Codrington, or as a board orientation manual in its own right.

Unlike other books on governance, this book focuses entirely on the distinctive nature of school boards and school leadership.

Who could imagine that such a thing exists – a book about school governance that is simple, easy-to-read, understandable, relevant, to-the-point, and fun!

‘Optimal School Governance’ is a comprehensive handbook for boards and leaders who care about serving their schools as effectively as possible.  The book covers such important areas as:

  • What is a school board?
  • Board effectiveness – Governance and Management
  • Dysfunctional boards
  • Healthy boards - the 4-D model of optimal governance
  • Ethos – mission, strategic vision, school policies, sustainability
  • Strategic planning
  • Recruiting a new Head
  • The Board-Head relationship
  • Oversight of the school – engagement, program oversight, school demographics
  • Board meetings and dynamics
  • Board composition and succession
  • Other board processes – board policies, change leadership and innovation
  • Board duties – legal compliance, finances and resources, risk management, reputation
  • Evaluating the board

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The author, Dr Stephen Codrington is an experienced board member and board evaluator who served as Head of five schools over 25 years. He has worked as a Head of Schools in four countries – Australia, the United States, Hong Kong and New Zealand – and has deep knowledge and experience of boards at their best and at their worst. He visits schools to advise boards and train trustees, to conduct full board evaluations, to help develop strategic plans and to assist with the search for and recruitment of new Heads. A more detailed biography can be found HERE.