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NESA approved and accredited training provider for courses on school board governance

We offer 11 NESA approved and accredited training courses

Stephen Codrington introducing a NESA accredited governance workshop

The New South Wales Education Act requires registered non-government schools to have and implement policies and procedures for the proper governance of the school.  For board members and others defined as ‘responsible persons’, this requires the following minimum professional learning:


11 NESA-accredited courses

Our courses have been especially designed to promote effective governance in New South Wales non-government schools.   The courses also inform board members, trustees and other ‘responsible persons’ of their mandatory obligations under the New South Wales Education Act.  The 11 courses have been approved by NESA to fulfil the requirements of Sections and of the Act, thus satisfying the professional learning obligations of all ‘responsible persons’ as well as the induction training program required for new ‘responsible persons’.

The three type-N courses offer concise broad overviews based on combinations of modules.

The eight type-S courses offer more in-depth, tailored training for boards that are interested in improving their performance and effectiveness.

All courses are delivered as face-to-face interactive workshops, usually delivered at the school or another suitable venue organised by the school.  Upon completion of a course, a NESA-compliant signed letter is issued to the school certifying the course’s name, content covered, duration of the course, venue, and the names of those persons who attended.

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We are a NESA approved and accredited training provider of courses relating to proper governance in non-government schools.

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