Whatever their size or ethos, schools can be complex, diverse, messy places.

What could ever go wrong?

According to anyone who has ever worked in a school, the immediate answer is always – plenty!

When crises arise, it can be extremely useful to have immediate access to the wisdom of an external, politically neutral, highly experienced school leader and board specialist.

That’s us!

By their nature, conflicts and crises usually arise with little or no warning.  Their causes are as varied as the schools in which they arise – it may be an external attack, an internal revolt, a perceived change in direction, a sudden injury or even a death, a media-generated controversy (including social media), criticism from a disgruntled former employee, an attempted power grab, a clash of strong personalities, a misunderstood reform, changing community expectations … the list goes on and on and on and on.

Whatever the cause of a crisis, the damage can be immense and long-lasting to student and staff wellbeing, to reputation, to community perceptions, to enrolment applications, to financial sustainability - indeed, to the school’s future.

When crises arise, it is essential to to call upon a wise, external, politically neutral, highly experienced school leader and board specialist - like OPTIMAL SCHOOL GOVERNANCE.

Crisis resolution

To get some quick instant advice on managing a crisis, go to this article.

If you are facing a crisis right now and need urgent advice, send an e-mail to [email protected] or a text message to +61 400 554 909.