OSG-N1 Course Details

School Governance Basics

This four hour course introduces ‘responsible persons’ to the NESA requirements pertaining to proper governance of schools, and expands this by introducing some key facets of effective school board effectiveness. 

Content covered includes NESA requirements, governance vs management, healthy boards, the Board-Head relationship, and evaluating the board. 


This short course is designed to introduce ‘responsible persons’ (as defined under Section 47(b) of the Education Act in New South Wales) to the NESA requirements upon school boards to establish policies and procedures for proper governance, and to expand this basic information by introducing some key facets of effective school board governance. Therefore, while the emphasis of the course is addressing ongoing professional learning needs, it is also highly suitable as a component of the induction of new ‘responsible persons’.



Four hours in a single session (one morning, one afternoon or one evening).


Face-to-face workshop with all the ‘responsible persons’ in one group, usually delivered at the school or at another suitable venue organised by the school.



NESA requirements

Governance vs Management

Healthy boards

The Board-Head relationship

Evaluating the board

Because of the large volume of content contained in this course (like all N-courses) discussion and question time are restricted.  Boards that wish to engage in productive discussion of the content should consider covering this content in greater depth in one or more of the S-type courses that are also offered.


Upon successful completion of the course, a signed certificate is issued to the school stating the name of the course, the content covered, the duration of the course, the venue, and the names of those persons who attended.  Upon request, schools may instead request an individual certificate for each attendee.  Participating schools also receive a password-protected PDF copy of the presentation slides used during the workshop for the use of attendees.

We are a NESA approved and accredited training provider of courses relating to proper governance in non-government schools.

D2015/35965 – D2019/8657 – D2019/23247 - – D2019/134103

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